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This version of the library website is no longer updated. To view up to date content, please visit the new library site.

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Login Information

College Network Account

As a College of the Rockies student, you will use a College Network Account to access the following:

  • College computers
  • Student portal (news, announcements, campus life activities, emergency procedures)
  • COTROnline
  • College email
  • Library Services (databases, electronic resources, e-books, streaming videos, etc.)
  • Office 365

New Students Login Instructions

All new students will need to set up their College Network Account.

Login From On Campus

  • Find a college lab computer that is available
  • Enter your User ID (Username) = 7 digit student number + prefix "c" in front (example: c1234567)
  • Enter your temporary password - 7 digit student number + prefix "c" in front. You will be prompted immediately to change your password. After this initial setup, you will use your User ID (Username) and your newly created password to log into your College Student Network accounts and your College email.

After this initial setup, you will use your User ID (Username) and your newly created password to log into your College Network services.
When picking a new password, choose one that has between 6 to 15 characters and includes both letters and numbers; do not use characters such as @ $ % *. We highly recommend you use the same password for all online systems at the College to simplify your access.

Returning Students Login Instructions
If you set up your College Network account during your previous semester, then you will use your User ID (example: c1234567) and your existing password. NOTE: Your COTROnline username and password is now the same as your College Network username and password.

College Network Account Assistance

If you have difficulties accessing your College Network Account, contact the Student Help Desk to activate your network account and email.

Provide the following information when you contact the Student Help Desk:

  • First and Last Name (please spell your last name)
  • Student Number (will be shown on your Registration receipt)
  • A new password (You can choose whatever you want. Just make sure it's something that you will remember and that someone else couldn't guess.)
  • Information on how to contact you (example: email address or phone number)

The Student Help Desk will contact you when your account has been activated.

Library Services Account

What is the Library Account?

Your Library account allows you to borrow books or others resources, request items and renew items you have out online. Students can login to this account using network account credentials.


 COTROnline Account

What is the COTROnline Account?

Your COTROnline account is also your College Network Account and it gives you access to online courses, as well as access to supplementary information and resources for your face-to face courses (e.g. course readings, discussions, and assignments). If you hear references to Moodle, this is the name of the software used to provide structure to the COTROnline website.

COTROnline Login Information

To access your online courses or to access course websites for your face-to-face courses, you will login using your College Network User ID (example: c1234567) and password. If you have not yet activated your College Network account, you will be prompted to do so before you can access your courses.

If you are a new student, please review login information for College of the Rockies systems. If you are a returning student, who set up a College Network account during a previous semester, you will use your User ID (example: c1234567) and existing password to access COTROnline.
NOTE: If you have only logged into COTROnline in the past, you will need to follow the steps for a new user.

NOTE: If you have only logged into COTROnline in the past, you will need to follow the steps for a new user.

COTROnline Help Desk for Students

If you have difficulties accessing your COTROnline Account, contact us at:

  • 250-489-2751 x.3737 (for local calls)
  • 1-877-489-2687 x.3737 (toll free for long distance)
  • When sending an email or leaving a voice message, please include your name, student number, contact information, and the course name.
  • If leaving a voicemail, speak slowly and spell out your last name.


What is AccessCOTR?
AccessCOTR is the online record system used by students, faculty and staff at College of the Rockies. There are many useful functions on AccessCOTR, such as:

  • Search for course sections
  • Select Courses for My Preferred List
  • Register for Course sections
  • Drop Course sections
  • View Account and Make Payments
  • Viewing and Printing Tax Forms (T2202A)

AccessCOTR Login Information

Go to the following link to login to AccessCOTR:

AccessCOTR Assistance for Students
If you are having difficulty using AccessCOTR, you can email or
If you would like to speak directly to the Student and Enrolment Services office, please call toll free 1-877-489-2687 x.3237 during office hours.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm.