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Equipment & Media Services

Audio Visual equipment, video editing and a graphics lab are available to students, faculty and staff for creating, editing or completing course related projects.

Loans are usually made for 4 hours or less, but most equipment may go out overnight, for one day, or for a weekend loan depending on the purpose of use and availability of equipment.  To book audio visual equipment, please send an email to; if you have questions you can contact the Circulation Desk prior to sending the email.

If you need to book an equipment orientation session, please contact Nathon Hall or Gord Walsh in Media Services Room 120D, Cranbrook Campus

Equipment must be checked out 15 minutes prior to closing.

Equipment List



  • Q2 HD Handy Video Recorders
  • Panasonic AVCCAM Memory Card Camera-Recorders (large editing camera)
  • GoPro Cameras


  • FujiFilm Digital Camera(s)
  • Document cameras


3M Overhead Projector

LCD Data Projector

  • Sanyo PRO xtraX Data Projector (small)
  • Sony XGA Data Projector (medium)
  • Large Venue Data Projector *requires Nathon Hall's approval prior to booking
  • Casio Data Projector (laptop style)

Slide Projector

Mobile Carts & Rovers

  • Mobile carts of 20 and 30 laptops are available for faculty and staff
  • Rovers are available for faculty and staff

Audio Devices

Audio Players/Recorders

Digital Audio Recorders - H1 Handy Recorder(s)



  • Sound 1: Event Sound System (large) *requires Nathon Hall's approval prior to booking
  • Sound 2: Portable Sound System
  • Sound 3: Portable Sound System

Voice Amplifiers


iClicker Audience Response Systems

  • Instructor's iClicker Base Unit (2 units available)
  • Student's iClicker (60 clickers available)

2Know! Classroom Response System

  • Instructor's Receiver
  • Student's 2Know! clicker (32 clickers available)

Misc. Items

  • Bambo Graphics Tablets
  • Digital Whiteboards - Smart Kapp
  • DVD/VHS players
  • Flipcharts
  • Laser Disc Player
  • Laser Pointers
  • Lighting Kit
  • Microfiche Reader (portable)
  • Podium
  • Press Box: 12 Channel Passive
  • Projection screens
  • ROVER: Faculty Computer Workstations
  • Slide Scanner - Nikon Coolscan
  • Speakerphones (Jabra Puck)
  • Trolleys
  • WebCam (ConfererenceCam Connect)
  • Webcasting Kit


  • Cables: vga, audio, etc.
  • Calculators
  • Extension cords and powerbars
  • Microphones (snake, clip-on, gooseneck, wireless) and stands
  • Tripods
  • USB memory sticks

Please contact the Library's Circulation Desk to reserve any of the equipment listed above.  Students may require permission from the instructor before borrowing certain equipment.  All equipment borrowed must be for course assignments.
Equipment must be checked out 15 minutes prior to closing.