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Course Reserves

Course reserve materials are items that are selected by the instructor for use by students in a particular class.  This material is located behind the library's circulation desk and most times has a shortened loan period so that everyone in the class can gain access.

Visit the library's circulation desk with your Student ID Card to check out these materials.  Course reserve materials may not be placed on hold, renewed, and can only be checked out once per day per student.

Permanent Reserves  
ELP 050: English Language Program Smith, Gayle
ESL: English as a Second Language  
MGMT 470/480/490: Sustainable Business
Project Development and Research
McCallum, Greg
Native Studies  
PSYC 102: Introduction to Psychology 2 White, Jan
Peer Tutoring Remple, Kevi
General Reserves  
FALL 2017  
EDCI 305A Drama Education Duchene, Phil
EDCI 307A Art in the Elementary or Middle Classroom 1 Deibert, Karen
ED-D421 Recognition and Assessment of Learning Needs Russchen, Julie
ENGL 101 Introduction to Poetry and Drama Ehnes, Caley
ENGL 223 Introduction to the Novel Ehnes, Caley
GEOL 105/106 Intro. to Geology/Physical & Historical Geology Medig, Kirsti
HCA 106 Healing 2 Lessard, Sylvie
KNES 206 Introduction to Exercise Physiology Pickering, Jodie
MATH 080 Math - Advanced Level Vermette, Lindsay
MGMT 204 Principles of Management Hellewell, Ben
MGMT 303 Business Ethics Kiss, Tammy
MGMT 310 Sustainability Theory and Metrics McCallum, Greg
NURS 111 Professional Practice Gold, Lisa
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry Mattson, Vance
POLI 100 Introduction to Politics & Government Dirk, Marcel
RELS 112 World Religions Mattson, Vance
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology Mattson, Vance